Planning, Marketing & Selling Guest Tours and Off-Site Events 

 By Richard S .Pollak, President, AAA Rainbow Entertainment/Speakers


      No longer are Meeting Planners asked to only provide simple spousal

Shopping tours at their conferences! Today’s challenge for the meeting planner is to include high level educational, cultural, historic and entertaining oriented tours in addition to special tours of their clients’ on-site  products/services locale .  Secondly, attractions that were once reserved only for the family visitors are quickly becoming primary off-site event venues for new and exciting creative outings.

     We present the ABC’s of tour planning and exciting off-site Texas touring venues.

 First, from an industry Expert, considered one of the Texas pioneers of the Destination Management Industry, in the Metroplex.  Elizabeth Turner Calloway, founder of Kaleidoscope, turned a local two-person office into a $10 million dollar organization, as one of the first statewide full services Destination management companies (which she eventually sold to PGI).

Author of four novels about her experiences in the industry- A PASSION FOR MEETINGS, A MEETING OF THE MINDS, A TIME TO MEET and MEETINGS TO DIE FOR; Betty, as her MPI friends call her, will offer insight  into organizing tours and a few exciting stories from events/meetings past.

Joining the discussion will be Paul Serff, President and CEO of the Texas Travel Industry Assn.Serff will guide us through what can be done for a planned tour, once a Texas destination has been selected. TTIA represents a wide range of Texas attractions perfect for unique planners’ tours in ever corner of the state. Paul has spent the last 30 years in the management of facilities and attractions in the travel and tourism industry.

Rounding out our  esteemed panel is Catherine Caulet, V.P. of affiliate operations, from our April, host Boston Coach

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CHAPTER MEETING: Thursday April 28, 2005   11:00 AM


                                        INDUSTRY ISSUES 2005

ARE WE THERE, YET?” Planning, Marketing & Selling Guest Tours and Off-Site Events

      Tours are not just spousal shopping sprees anymore! Meeting Planners are challenged with implementing Tours to be educational, historial, entertaining and even product/service familiarity driven. In order for the Planner to fulfill this vital aspect of the conference program process. You must first know how to find, plan, coordinate, budget and finally determine an ROI for any venture outside of the main meeting venue.

      We plan on presenting the ABC’s of a “TOUR” from season DM veteran Elizabeth Turner Calloway, who took a 2-person office and turned it into a $10 Million Dollar international meeting services business featuring Texas home grown methods and exciting stories of her on-site events. This perfectly leads us into our own Texas state market today. Paul Serff, a 30 year tourism veteran and President/CEO of the Texas Travel Industry Assn tells us what to experience, once we have selected a Texas destination. Our hosts, Boston Coach, Catherine Caulet,V.P. of affiliate operations for BOSTON COACH  will literally drive the BUS, as moderator for this exciting industry issue.

All aboard as we pack the bus and take an exciting tour of Industry Issues 2005

 Planning, Marketing, Selling Guest Tours and Off- Site Events


APRIL 2005 MPI/DFW program committee: David Abadie- Medieval Times (chair), Leah Bealsco-Independent, Richard Pollak-AAA Rainbow Entertainment/Speakers, Lori Clark-Boston Coach (host), Bill Reeser, CMP/CTS-AVW-TELAV, Nicole Hahn, Elizabeth Chandler- Meadows Foundation








THURSDAY April 28, 2005   


11:00 AM-11:30 AM Orientation

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