Eddie Coker


Eddie Coker is a thoroughly professional, highly talented and wryly humorous songwriter who puts his all into a 30 minute program of dazzling original songs and extremely smart animation. Coker's musicianship is impeccable (he had a 12 year stint as an opera singer before this) and his original and inventive lyrics contain sensible and mature messages about real love, our valuable minds and making the most out of life.

How many kids' songs do you know that quote from Shakespeare, Lincoln, Emerson and Norman Vincent Peale all in the same number, and still manage to appeal to children? Viewers (children and parents) will have songs and routines such as "The Woo Woo Dance" and "The Lean and Mean Thought Machine" whirling around in their heads for days. Eddie Coker is to Kids' music vids what Bill Nye is to science programs - a surefire winner and audience favorite.